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What does travel medical insurance cover?

Since no one is immune to a health problem or an accident while traveling, purchasing travel medical insurance is strongly advised before traveling. Especially when you’re a large number, if not thousands, of kilometers away from home. The smallest medical or unforeseen concern can quickly esc...
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Is Life Insurance Taxable ?

Is Life Insurance Taxable?

Life insurance is a policy that we can purchase to protect the quality of life and well-being of those we care about in the case of death or permanent disability. In this manner, you have the assurance of being able to cancel a home loan, amortize other debts contracted, or assure the payment of you...
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Getting fake ID is more of a reality than many think. The fake ID industry has grown so wildly over the past few years, that it is now estimated to be worth $200 million dollars annually! With fake ID online being so big in America, the question of insurance for fake IDs arises. Here are some things you need to know about fake IDs and insurance in the U.S.: 1) There are two types of people who get fake identification: minors (people under 21 years old), and adults (people over 21). Adults can purchase them for use while underage, or they can use their own picture on an expired license; minors may not legally purchase alcohol with any form of identification. 2) If