Life Insurance Calculator: How much do I need?

Getting life insurance for securing the future of your loved ones? Well! It’s important to get enough coverage for that. Wondering to know “how much coverage for your life insurance you may need”? A Life Insurance Calculator could help.

Enter your current state, amount, and gender. Along with them, you can also adjust the benefit level and coverage amount on the calculator to check how they can impact your insurance needs. Press the “Get Quotes Now” to see an estimation of your life insurance plan’s coverage.

By using this calculator you get an idea about the factors that affect the coverage level of the life insurance plan you may want to buy. Moreover, we will also explore how to use the calculator and how you can find the best life insurance rates according to your situation. Let’s find out in the blog post!

How to Use Our Life Insurance Calculator

To calculate the coverage level with our life insurance calculator, you have to fill in all the required fields. These include your residential estate, your age or date of birth, gender, smoking status, the coverage you may need, benefits, and access key. All these options will help you to calculate coverage for your needs according to the best insurer available in your residential estate.

How to Calculate Required Life Insurance Coverage 

Before using a life insurance calculator, you have to consider these steps to determine how much life insurance coverage you have to buy:

1- Determine why you are getting an insurance policy

The first thing you have to do is understand why you need a Life Insurance Policy. It might be to protect your loved ones, pay off a debt or mortgage, or replace your income after your sudden demise. For all these reasons you will need a heavy amount of coverage to buy.

2- Decide the type of policy you need

Various types of life insurance plans are available in the market nowadays and they all work differently. Knowing these different types and determining your policy type will help you decide how much coverage you may need.

3- Review your annual income

If the reason for getting the policy is to replace your income for your family, you have to multiply your salary by the number of years you have until your retirement. In that case, your beneficiary will get a lump sum amount equal to the amount of money you may contribute to the household.

4- Do you have any debts? 

If your life insurance is to pay off a debt or mortgage, you must go for enough coverage to equal the principal amount of your debt. In that case, your beneficiary will not be burdened due to any loan to pay off after you pass away.

5- Do you want to leave a financial gift?

You can use your life insurance plan to leave an inheritance for your beneficiaries, in that way the coverage amount is up to you. Moreover, you can also leave an amount to a charity or any other welfare center. You can also make your intentions clear where your life insurance benefits have to be used like to pay for a child’s college expenses or to estate.

6- Assess your assets 

If you have enough assets like a large amount of savings or any investment fund, you don’t need as much coverage as someone who has limited wealth built up.

7- Talk to an agent 

In case you are still confused or unsure about how much life insurance coverage you have to buy, speaking to an agent or certified financial professional would be beneficial. He will help you and suggest the best possible solution according to your situation and determine what type and coverage level is right for you.

How is the Life Insurance Calculator Beneficial? 

A life insurance calculator is an important tool that allows a quick and easy comparison of insurance plans available in various insurance companies. By using a calculator, you can quickly evaluate your needs and then make an informed and accurate decision about selecting an insurance plan according to your needs.

However, here are some of the key benefits of using a life insurance calculator:

1-  Simple Process of Buying an Insurance Plan 

Without using a calculator, it would be difficult to compare all the insurers with your specified conditions. Previously, applicants agreed to the premium cost and other conditions the insurance agents asked them to accept. But now in the era of the internet, online life insurance calculators make it easier and simpler to buy the insurance plan you want.

2-  Help Manage your Finances 

A calculator will help you to get an estimate for your preferred insurance type. It’s an easy way to go for an insurance plan that does not have an impact on your finances. It will be easy to plan a financial schedule for you to incorporate your insurance plans requirements as the life insurance calculator will help you to check how a particular plan fits well into your finances.

3- Easy Comparison of Insurance Policies

If you don’t use a calculator, you have to visit various agents to have a detailed discussion about selecting a life insurance plan. It will be a time-consuming process that requires some effort and you have to pay the agent’s commission as well. Using a life insurance calculator will make the process easy and hassle-free.

Tips for Calculation Life Insurance You Need 

Remember these tips while deciding your life insurance requirements:

  • Figure out the life insurance type you may need whether term life insurance or permanent life insurance.
  • Consider other life insurance plans too such as life insurance from your employer.
  • Take into account other life insurance benefits too you may want to consider a life insurance rider that is an optional add-on to an insurance plan in terms of additional coverage. For instance, you may customize a plan with a long-term care rider, accelerated death benefit rider, or waiver of premium rider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1- What is the technique for calculating life insurance plans?

Everyone buys life insurance plans for different purposes, so there is no single technique or formula to calculate how much coverage you may need. If you are going to use a life insurance plan as an income replacement for your family in case of your death, you have to multiply your annual salary by the number of years you have left until your retirement. But the same technique won’t work for covering your debts or any calculator. So the amount of life insurance plan you may need is something personal according to your situation.

2- What types of life insurance plans are available to calculate? 

Generally, two main types of life insurance plans are available: term and permanent life insurance. The first one is more affordable as it comes with a term period usually ranging from 10 to 30 years. It even has a new one-year term policy. However, permanent life insurance lasts throughout your lifetime, no matter when you purchase it. It also comes with several options like whole life, universal life, and final expense insurance. Explore them all to see which one fits your distinctive needs.

3- How long should your life insurance plan’s coverage last? 

The coverage of your policy depends on your needs. If your concern is to buy coverage for providing a safety net to your family after your death for a debt to be paid, you can go for the coverage that is the length of your debt. For instance, if you have to cover your contribution for a mortgage payment, a term life insurance of 15 to 30 years would be enough according to your mortgage’s length. However, another option is permanent life insurance that gives lifelong coverage and has no term period.

4- What are the factors you have to consider while calculating your life insurance plan? 

While calculating your life insurance plan you have to consider your life value, monthly expenses and liabilities, and total income. Furthermore, it is advisable to go for coverage that is at least 10 times your annual income.

5- How does the insurer company you select affect your calculated cost? 

All life insurance companies have their specific algorithms for costing life insurance plans, although most of them use the same metric. These may include age, health conditions, and habits like smoking of the applicant. When you are trying to find Life Insurance with a low premium, shopping around and comparing various insurance companies might help, but the most vital thing you can do for a lower premium is to stay as healthy as you can. Moreover, the more coverage you buy, the more premium you will pay.