Low cost life insurance for seniors

Cheap Life Insurance for seniors (2020)

Life Insurance for seniors is a cornerstone of financial security for seniors of USA and peace of mind for their families and small businesses. Getting cheap life insurance for seniors in 2020 can be challenging task. Because there are so many life insurance companies and products available, it can be a real challenge to find the low cost  life insurance.

Mostly United States senior citizens have certain questions in their mind about affordable life insurance  for them. In this guide we will answer all those life insurance FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions) and life insurance rates by age  to help seniors of United States find the affordable life insurance.

   which life insurance is best for seniors ? 
   what is the best life insurance for senior citizens ?
   Is term or whole life insurance better for seniors ?

which life insurance is best for seniors ?

With a wide choice of senior life insurance options with the term life, whole life, guaranteed life insurance, and equity-indexed life insurance. I would have to say that affordable term insurance is the most popular plan overall with people shopping on the Internet. It is the least complicated type of life insurance. With the term life insurance, Seniors can get 10 years, 20 years, and 30-year level plans where the cost is guaranteed not to go up for the entire length of the contract.

Term Life Insurance For Seniors

Searching the market in finding  the best seniors life insurance quotes and rates. With term insurance for seniors some of the best term life insurance companies with the lowest costs these days seem to be Gerber life Insurance, Mutual of Omaha, Geico Insurance, Globe life, NewYork life, Fidelity Life and Trans america . We work for our clients, not for the insurance companies.

level term insurance rates

With level term insurance, you can get $100,000 to one million or more coverage. Whether you’re 18 or 85 we can help you find the right plan.age-wise term insurance rates graph

Health issues

If you have some health issues such as diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis we can still help you. In such cases, we usually would need to take some of your health histories and then talk to the individual insurance carriers to see who will offer you the best policy or policies.

Return of Premium Term Insurance

Another type of life insurance is called Return of Premium Term (ROP) where at the end of the plan (20 or 30 years) you receive the full amount of premiums back to you in one large lump sum tax-free. This is more expensive, of course, but it can be considered a forced savings plan because the payment at the end is guaranteed.

Term Life Insurance Quotes

For amounts greater than $300,000 and if you don’t mind taking an exam, which is always free and is done at your home or office, get our Traditional Term Life Quotes. We search all the major carriers who can give you affordable, good quality term insurance.

No Exam Life Insurance For Seniors

The best senior citizen life insurance popular currently is “No Exam Life”. You simply answer some questions online or via a phone call and, if you qualify, you can get a policy without having to take a medical exam. These policies can be issued quickly, sometimes within 24 hours.


No Exam Life Insurance Quotes

People can get free quotes on these plans. (If you want to move forward you would need to have available your doctor’s name, address, the reason for the last visit, list of any medications being taken, and any other pertinent information regarding your health.)

The No Exam Plan from Fidelity Life is called Rapid Decision Term. You can get up to $300,000 coverage. With this plan, you have a 10 or 15-minute conversation with a licensed agent and after that, you could have a policy issued in as soon as 24 hours.

Guarantee Life Insurance offers a Simple Term. There is no exam to take. You can get up to $250,0000 if you have taken out a mortgage within the last 2 years or up to $100,000 for most everyone else.

Permanent Insurance

Life insurance that you keep your entire life and does not expire is generically called Permanent Insurance. It is usually, but not always, more expensive than term.

Whole life insurance for seniors

Whole life insurance has been very popular for many decades. The whole term is something you see a lot of advertising on the Internet but it is really an oxymoron because you either get whole life or term. They are 2 different products.

Some of the permanent plans are very flexible. With Universal Life and Equity Indexed Universal Life you can raise or lower the insurance amount, you can vary your premium payments or stop them completely when there is enough cash value in the policy. The attractive thing about these plans is that they can be designed to give you some serious cashback when you reach retirement age.

Instant quotes 

We have the capability to offer US senior citizen instant life insurance quotes for these types of plans because they are entirely flexible and made for your specific situation. If you are interested in these types of senior policies one of our licensed agents can design a plan especially for you, some of the major reasons people have life insurance are income replacement for family protection and security, business continuation plans, buy-sell agreements, insurance, second-to-die plans for estate conservation, and final expense plans.

We have been helping families with their insurance needs since 1983.

Happy couple with life insurance

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Cheapest Life Insurance Over 50

Life insurance over 50 is must, if you don’t have life insurance  and you’re in your 50’s or more established, yet people may be more careful to meet all requirements for life insurance, particularly at moderate life insurance rates. However, people right now may need senior  life insurance for the following reasons:

  • To accommodate your life patient life partner.
  • Guaranteed aid for a kid’s school and post-graduate expenses
  • To take care of remarkable obligations
  • Maximize an cash value advantage
  • Cash aid to beneficiaries
  • To leave cash to charity house
  • Settle for tax charges

Our Assessment On Companies

This survey will assist you with understanding which life insurance organization give the best approaches to individuals 50+. We’ll examine both entire life insurance (additionally called permanent life insurance) and term life which is the cheapest option for seniors over 50.

Over 60 Senior Life insurance

Best Life insurance of seniors over 60

Life insurance over 60 is common for seniors in their 60’s to either be retired or approaching retirement, there still could also be some beneficial value in investing during a insurance policy. Some typical costs you’ll wish to believe at this age are:

  • Any outstanding debt
  • Estate planning
  • Future medical expenses
  • Funeral costs

Health issues
Most life insurance policies would require a checkup which implies that your health will play an out sized role within the premiums which will be charged. However, there are other sorts of life assurance for seniors over 60 that don’t require a checkup or maybe answering questions on your health.

Best Senior Life Insurance policy over 60

Life Insurance policy over 60 is the policy provided by Transamerica. Transamerica is a wonderful choice for this sort of coverage if you’re seeking a policy under $100,000.
The premiums are competitive and coverage starts as low as $25,000. a number of the highlights of a policy with Transamerica include the following:

Coverage plans of Transamerica

  • It Provides coverage for those between the ages of 18-80. Yes, even people who are in their 70s or 80s are ready to purchase a term life insurance policy through Transamerica.
  • No medical examination needed for those from 18-60 who purchase policies from $25,000-$99,000.
  • No medical examinationneeded for those 18-60 who purchase policies from $25,000-$50,000.

There are 10 year term life insurance policies also as 15yr, 20yr, 25yr and 30 year terms.

Life Insurance Seniors Over 70

Senior life ins over 70 have wide range of policies for older people. Simplified and guaranteed issue life insurance policy are available at very affordable rates for seniors life insurance. Seniors with good health condition have advantage of getting reasonable senior  life insurance at very cheap rates. The table below shows the average rates of policy along with age and cash value. Different rates are available for male and female.

Cheap Life Insurance For Seniors Over 70 Chart

Life insurance of seniors over 80

At age 80 and past, you’re unlikely to discover a company that will certainly provide you term insurance. Instead, your lowest-cost choice is most likely final expense insurance. The death benefit will certainly be reduced (normally $1,000 to $25,000), but many plans won’t require a medical examination.

If cost isn’t a concern as well as your main goal is to lessen cash value tax on cash value, consider entire life insurance. Premiums will certainly be a few of the highest possible in the industry, but you’ll have insurance coverage for life, as well as your beneficiaries will receive the survivor benefit payment tax-free. Whole life insurance is best for seniors over 80.

Over 70 Senior Life insurance

Over 80 Senior Life insurance

Top Life Insurance USA Companies

Aarp Life Insurance

AARP’s life insurance policy program with New york city Life uses protection to elders that have pre-existing medical problems or would have difficulty in getting life insurance elsewhere. None of AARP’s plans call for a medical examination so, unless you have a substantial medical condition, you are likely to discover term and also entire life insurance policy premiums in other places that are a lot lower.

Aarp New York Life

If you get an AARP life insurance quote, the policy is really being underwritten by New York Life The AARP life insurance policy prices are based upon team insurance policy prices offered by the New York Life group department.

The AARP New York Life insurance policy rates will be considerably greater compared to the plans which are marketed by New York Life representatives outdoors market. New York City Life is an effectively understood insurer with an A++ (Superior) monetary strength ranking from A.M. Best.

The coverage used by AARP New York Life insurance policy includes both term and long-term life insurance.

Both plans make use of streamlined underwriting, which means New York Life insurance policy evaluates just a few medical inquiries and also you do not have to undertake a medical exam to get approved for insurance coverage.


  • Term Life Insurance
  • No Medical Exam Whole Life Insurance
  • Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance
  • Youngster Whole Life Insurance

Colonial Penn Life Insurance

Colonial Penn is a trustworthy life insurance business. It has actually received high economic stamina scores, which shows that the insurance provider can fulfill its claims responsibilities to its clients.

Colonial Penn supplies terrific life insurance policy options-eco-friendly term, entire life, and also guaranteed-issue whole life. Whether you are searching for a term or irreversible life insurance policy policy, Colonial Penn has excellent alternatives. Colonial Penn’s life insurance products are available in 49 states, the Virgin Islands, and also Puerto Rico. Because of differences in state regulations, some points might vary a little with the insurance protection it offers depending upon the state. Colonial Penn also offers a 30-day money-back warranty.

Colonial Penn Program

Today, Colonial Penn supplies life insurance products for ages 18-85, and all our products are created to aid ease monetary concerns at a challenging time. Our most prominent plan is our Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance, readily available specifically for ages 50 and over. And also, we offer “easy-issue” term life insurance as well as long-term, whole life insurance.We are dedicated to providing our customers with budget-friendly, top quality insurance coverage.

Globe Life Insurance

Globe Life Insurance Company of New York remains to obtain an A+ (Superior) ** ranking from A.M. Best Company based on their newest evaluation of Globe Life Insurance Company of New York’s economic strength, monitoring abilities and also stability.

Globe Life insurance racked up 83.19 general in the 2020 Top rated Life Insurance Company survey, which placed it in 13th area. Globe’s highest position was 12th for customer care. World Life rated 13th for cost and simplicity of use of internet site and apps. Seventy-two percent of the insurance policy holders evaluated stated they would advise Globe Life to others.

Globe Life Insurance Coverage

If you’re looking for final expense insurance coverage with restricted underwriting, probably because you have a health and wellness concern, Globe Life offers a range of items suited to this certain requirement. Nonetheless, if you’re healthy or want a bigger survivor benefit for revenue replacement once you pass, we advise that you contrast quotes from various other insurance companies, as you’ll improve prices and a broader set of options elsewhere.

Globe Life only provides protection without any medical exam so, if you’re healthy and balanced, you’ll pay greater prices for the exact same survivor benefit than you would at an insurer with complete underwriting. Furthermore, their term life policies have an optimal term size of 5 years, so if you know that you want protection for a longer time period, you’ll pay higher premiums generally since the cost increases each time you renew coverage.


  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death Insurance
  • Child Life Insurance

Gerber Life Insurance

For greater than 50 years, Gerber Life has been supplying budget-friendly life insurance to make sure that children and also seniors can have higher economic protection. Established in 1967 by the Gerber Products Company, we share a common heritage as well as worths in looking after the numerous families who place their rely on us. Today, Gerber Life is a member of Western & Southern Financial Group, a globally industry leader in life insurance policy whose strength and security fortify our $50 billion of life insurance in force. With Gerber Life, applying for a plan is very easy and straightforward. You can depend on us for insurance policy plans for the entire family that supply the integrity, flexibility and also comfort you should have.

Additionally, A.M. Best, the credit rating company that ranks insurance provider on economic security, administration skill and also honesty, has granted Gerber Life an “A” (Excellent) rating, most recently in January 2019. It refers only to the total economic status of the company and also is not a suggestion of the specific policy arrangements, rates or methods of the company. This score is the third highest awarded out of thirteen possible groups.

New York Life Insurance

New York Life Insurance has worked for 175 years with people to safeguard their families and futures. They believe the importance of human guidance and in trusted relationships built on being there when our customers need us most.
At the center of the beautiful New York City, New York Life insurance may be a commitment to be there for our customers once they need us—whether today or decades into the longer term.

Senior New York Life Insurance Policies

While considering the simplest options to safeguard your family’s future, sometimes the best option to learn is by seeing how things compare. Taking a glance at the features and benefits of different life insurance products side by side may assist in giving you a way of what could be right for you.

Whole life and term life insurance policies

These are the foremost popular life insurance products for several of clients. You’ll be aware of the fundamentals, but take a better look to check how they gather.

All products of life insurance

There’s more to life insurance than simply term life and whole life. Add universal life and variable universal life to the combination and you’ve got more choices. Review these four products side by side.

Living Benefits

Life insurance allows the policy owner, to make cash value through your life insurance plans that accumulates over your lifetime. This is often considered as a good thing about life insurance because, in contrast to death expenses that pays out once you pass on you’ll use the cash while you are still alive.

Life Insurance for Elderly with Pre-existing Health Conditions

If seniors over 50 have pre-existing health conditions, or existing  health conditions but your health is good now, you may qualify for a lower rate. As long as you are seeing your doctor as prescribed, you may qualify for life insurance that’s very affordable. We write over 80% of people who have been turned down or rated up by other companies with a standard or better rate.

Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart Disease

Senior quote for Diabetics

If you’ve had trouble getting life insurance, call us at 800 340-7011 to get a standard rating for diabetes. Get a great rate for up to $100,000 of term insurance for people with type 2 diabetes taking oral medication, or $50,000 whole life for type 2. There is no exam required and the policy is issued in a few days.

Five years treatment free

If you’ve had cancer, a heart attack, heart surgery, or stroke, and been treatment free without medication for that condition 5 years or more, you may qualify for a low standard term or whole life rate.

Receiving treatment or medication

If seniors have pre-existing conditions, or existing conditions but your health is good now, you may qualify for a very low rate. As long as you are seeing your doctor as prescribed, you may qualify for life insurance for less than seniors seeking life insurance. We write over 80% of people who have been turned down or rated up by other life insurance companies for a standard or preferred rate.

Impaired Risk

If seniors over 50 have trouble getting life insurance, we can help you.

We write life insurance policies for people with almost any health condition as long as they do not have AIDS, are not currently receiving kidney dialysis or oxygen, confined to a medical facility, or are terminally ill.

Even if you have Alzheimer, cancer, diabetes, a heart condition, liver or lung disease, had a stroke or transplant, disabled or declined live insurance, we may have a policy for senior citizens.

Low cost Life Insurance Company In USA

Life Insurance with No Exam Needed

Many people would like to get their life insurance easily and without the hassles of taking an exam and a blood test. They would prefer to be insured quickly and not have to wait months for the coverage.

Rapid Decision Term from Fidelity Life is a great solution.
Fidelity Life was established in 1896, rated A-Excellent by AM Best.


Lock in your rate for 10 to 30 years of guaranteed level premiums.

You canhave 10, 15, 20, or 30 year plans with guaranteed level premiums.

Life Insurance Companies

To get life insurance without the hassles of taking an exam and to be insured quickly without waiting months for the coverage. Give us call, M-life insurance agents are trained to get you simple term insurance fast.


With Simple Term from Best companies you can get instant quotes, answer a few questions, apply and purchase the policy online and if you qualify, be covered the very same day!

Everyone can get up to $100,000, depending on your age and health. If you have taken out a mortgage within the last 2 years you can get up to $250,000.

With Simple Term you are guaranteed

  1. No medical exam
  2. Online application for life insurance (usually takes less than 10 min.)
  3. Benefits that never go down during the term
  4. Rates that never go up during the term

Cancel within 30 days and get a full refund if not completely satisfied

    • $25,000 to $250,000 of protection non-medical
    • 10, 15, 20 or 30-year terms
    • Affordable premiums
    • Guaranteed rates
    • Level-Term benefits
    • Renewable at end of term up to the maximum age
    • Convenient payment options
    • Flexible payment schedule
    • 10-Minute application
    • Easy to qualify
    • No Medical exam
    • None long forms or frustrating paperwork
    • No waiting, No follow up
    • There is no risk or obligation
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

DNC Disclaimer: By pressing Submit you agree to receive information Via Live, Auto Dial, Prerecorded Messages, Text, Call or may be through different channels from one of our agent and these calls may override any Do Not Call registry that you may be on. You will be under no obligation to purchase anything in a free service.

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Application Process

Here are the five steps that we will follow in completing your application to receive a Term Life Insurance Policy.

  1. You provide the information to begin the application process
  2. We will confirm the information we receive from you
  3. You submit the application and provide a deposit, if applicable. A medical examination is scheduled and completed (if required). The exam is free and can be done at your home or office.
  4. The insurance company will review and underwrite the term life insurance policy.
  5. We will receive the policy from the company and mail your policy to you.
  1. You Provide the Information Needed to Begin the Process
  • Complete/submit the online risk questionnaire to find plans suitable for you.
  • Select the carrier and plan that best suits your needs.
  • Complete on the Application Request button. This lets our agents know that is the term life insurance policy you want.  If you prefer to complete the process by telephone, please call 1-800-508-8736 and a licensed representative will take your information by phone, present you with term life insurance quotes and help you select the right term life insurance plan for you.
  1. We get the application process underway
  • You will get a call before the close of the next business day to verify the information we received and make sure that the product selected suits your needs.
  • Next We will send you the application by Express Mail or by e-mail, within two business days.
  • Then we will contact a medical representative in your area who will contact you to schedule a time for your physical examination.  This appointment is essential to getting the application completed and on to the insurance company, so don’t delay. The exam is free.
  1. A medical examination is scheduled and completed (if required). You complete the application and hand it to the medical examiner.
  • Complete the yellow highlighted areas on the application and any supplemental forms.  If you have any questions, call us at 800-508-8736 and we will be glad to help.
  • Some states require a signed insurance illustration.  If this is included in your package, please sign it.  You must return it with your application. 
  • You may want to conditionally bind your coverage and if so, please include a check or credit card number for the premium amount you have selected.  If you have questions about the benefit of binding the policy please call +1-800-340-7011.
  • Give your completed application to the medical examiner.  The examiner will submit the examination to the insurance company with the medical results and will send the application to us.
  1. The Insurance Company will review and underwrite the Term Life Insurance Policy.
  • As part of the process, the insurance company may contact your physician for an attending physician’s report because of some prior health history. You can help expedite this step by calling your doctor and ask that they reply promptly to the request for information from the life insurance company. 
  • The Underwriting Process generally takes the insurance company about six (6) weeks after the exam is completed and your application is submitted.  The most common delays are due to incomplete answers on your application and the time needed for the company to obtain medical information from your physician.  We will update you during the processing, but if you have any questions about the status of your term life insurance application, please contact us at 800-508-8736.
  1. We Will Obtain and Mail Your Term Life Insurance Policy to You.
  • When the review is completed, the insurance company will contact us concerning how they have rated and priced your policy.  We will work hard for you to get the best term life insurance quote and price, and we will contact you immediately if there is a difference in price. 
  • We will forward your policy to you as soon as we receive it in our office.

Your initial premium payment (unless you included it with your application) and any other final delivery requirements will be requested when we send your policy.  Your future premium payments will be sent directly to the life insurance company

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DNC Disclaimer: By pressing Submit you agree to receive information Via Live, Auto Dial, Prerecorded Messages, Text, Call or may be through different channels from one of our agent and these calls may override any Do Not Call registry that you may be on. You will be under no obligation to purchase anything in a free service.

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M-Life Insurance is a life insurance agency licensed to sell insurance in most of the U.S. states including DC. M-Life Insurance doesn’t approve any insurance that shows up on our site. Insurance quotes showing up on this site are non-official. While we have put forth a valiant effort to guarantee all rates demonstrated are exact but a human mistake is possible.

Not all products are accessible in all states. Product qualification for every bearer shifts depending on the accompanying elements: health condition of the applicant, age, and underwriting limitations. All plans with no waiting period require an applicant to be medically fit by insuring company. All insurance policies with guarantee acceptance that have no waiting period will be dependent upon the insurer’s plan before death benefits are available for the insured.