Life Insurance For Parents

Life Insurance For Parents

As an adult, you can be financially stable. However, the death of a parent can cause a significant financial burden. Due to the increase in life expectancy of the elderly, in recent years the number of adults over 45 years of age who care for elderly parents has increased. This is one of the reasons why the need to purchase life insurance for parents has also increased.Most parents are retired and depend on their social security and retirement income to pay for their daily needs. This income may not be enough to cover your final expenses. This is where a life insurance policy for parents can help.

Can You Buy Life Insurance For Your Parents?

Fixing financial loopholes for your parents in their lifetime is a good thing to do. This can be done by buying insurance for them. It is possible to purchase insurance for your parents. It is as easy and simple to buy life insurance for seniors as it is to buy for yourself. You can buy the policy as a policy owner while you name your parents the insurers. However, in this case, you will need to prove an insurable interest. This means that you need to prove a significant blow on your pockets in case of your parent’s death. Financial sufferings can be in the form of loan repayments, income loss, hospital bills, or final expenses.

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Life Insurance For Parents

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Find and get life insurance for your parents at any age. Simple and easy way to cover the final expenses of your parents.

Can You Get Life Insurance For Parent Without Their Consent?

No, it is not recommended that you get insurance for your parents without their permission. Getting your parents’ consent is a salient step of the application process. The application cannot proceed forward without it. Some people may try to dodge this step, but it is considered an insurance fraud that has serious legal consequences. Family life insurance companies scrutinize the whole process very carefully before allotting the insurance. They need to know that the person for whom the policy is being bought has agreed to it.

It can get challenging at times to make your parents understand why insurance is crucial for them. However, rather than buying it without them knowing, it is better to convince them or talk them out of the confusion. Having your parents on board with you can make the insurance process a lot simpler.


Tax Considerations When Purchasing Life insurance For Parents

Life insurance for parents is often liable to taxes if the beneficiaries of the death benefits are not chosen wisely. The insurance policy consists of an owner, insurer, and beneficiary. If all the three are different persons, the benefit is treated as a gift that is liable to a specific tax amount. Suppose the death benefit skips a generation and moves on to the grandchildren; the benefit becomes eligible to a certain tax amount.

To prevent any tax-cutting from the death benefit, either choose the policy owner as the beneficiary or choose the insurer as the policy owner. The trick is to avoid keeping three different persons as an insurer, owner, and beneficiary.

What Is The Best Life Insurance Policy For Parents?

The best Life insurance policy for your parents can only be decided after thoroughly understanding why they need insurance in the first place. Most of the time, the aim of acquiring family life insurance quotes is to cover the expenses, but living benefits can be the purpose as well. Age, genders, Coverage amount, and term length are the factors that play a crucial role in deciding which policy is best suited for your parents.


Life Insurance For Parents Over 70

In addition to the classic form of life insurance, there are a number of alternatives for seniors. Since the statutory death benefit insurance is no longer paid out, private insurance companies now offer life insurance for parents over 70 plans, the maximum insurable age is usually higher than with conventional life insurance. The advantage of a parent’s life insurance over 70 is that the insurance premiums are paid back in any case. This applies both to death and to your own private retirement provision. In addition, there is an interest on the capital.

Anyone who should have taken out risk insurance at the age of 70 also has the option of switching to capital-forming life insurance. The special thing about this is that if your premiums change, you do not need to have a new health check with a large number of providers. In contrast to the classic insurance, endowment life insurance also offers pension insurance. Either a one-off lump-sum payment can be chosen or the insured can opt for a monthly annuity.

Life Insurance For Parents Over 60

Life insurance for seniors works similarly to insurance for other age groups. It guarantees the insured or its beneficiaries a financial indemnity in the event of any claim provided for in the contract and for which there is coverage to the holder.

Some offer life insurance for up to 60 years, others up to 75 or 80; there are also those that have specific plans for this age group.

Taking out life insurance for parents over 60 can guarantee much more than a legacy for the family and dependents. It is a guarantee of income in difficult situations, but still common in older ages.

Such scenarios bring extra and often high expenses. Treatments, medicines, caregivers, among other expenses, are needed. And this can compromise the livelihood not only of the elderly but of the whole family.

Funeral Insurance For Parents

Funeral insurance is another important type of life insurance for seniors. As the name suggests, funeral insurance is intended to cover all costs in the context of death or burial. Funeral insurance for parents is life insurance offered by most life insurance companies.

The most important:

  1. Without a health check
  2. Max. Sum insured usually between $10,000 – $15,000
  3. Also lockable for people over 50 years of age
  4. The death benefit is paid after a waiting period of 3 years of insurance, in the case of accidental death also within the first 3 years
  5. If the death occurs within the first 3 years (= within the waiting period), the existing credit will be paid out
    Contributions are usually paid up to the age of 85, after which insurance is continued free of contributions

No Exam Life Insurance For Parents

Life insurance without health examination offers your parents immediate insurance coverage, therefore the demand for life insurance without health issues is great.

No exam life insurance for parents is particularly suitable for people who do not receive protection from normal life insurance due to illness.

Here are some of the advantages of no exam life insurance.

  1. It offers guaranteed acceptance and instant coverage option
  2. With life insurance without a health examination, you no longer need to disclose your clinical picture to anyone.
  3. With life insurance without a health check, you do not run the risk of providing false health information, as these do not even have to be made.

Parent’s Life Insurance Policy

Best Life Insurance Policies For Parents


Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance can be a good option for the parents if their intent is to provide an income replacement to their loved ones after their death, especially if they are the sole breadwinners of the family. Term life insurance offers coverage for the term length of 10 – 30 years. The death benefit is given to the claimed beneficiaries after the death of the insurer. The money can be used to pay for the final expenses, pay off a loan or pay the children’s tuition fee. Premiums are paid either annually or monthly. Most of the time, term life insurance is purchased by the parents themselves to secure the children’s future.


Whole Life Insurance

In case you are looking for lifetime coverage, Whole life insurance is the best policy option for you. The saving component of this policy makes it stand out among other policy options. The premiums paid are used to build a cash value that grows over some time. This cash can be withdrawn at any time. Whole Life insurance is a good option if the policy’s purpose is lifetime coverage with an added saving component. Most of the time, the parents also buy this policy if they wish to get lifetime coverage.


Final Expense Life Insurance

If your parents have aged well, final expense life insurance is a highly recommended option. Beyond 45 or 50, insurances are bought frequently to cover the final expenses, including hospital bills or burial costs. The premiums are paid for as long as the insurer is alive since it is a type of permanent life insurance. The coverage provided by final expense or burial insurance is relatively less. The coverage amount from this policy shields your pocket from any unseen expenditure such as burial or hospital costs and expenses.


Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Suppose your parents are old and they do not want to take a medical examination. In that case, guaranteed issue life insurance is the most viable option for them. It ensures a guaranteed acceptance to your parents without any medical examination or old age issue. The coverage provided is sufficient enough to generate a death benefit.


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