How much do funerals cost on average

How Much Does A Funeral Cost?

Funerals cost varies from place to place; however, the average cost of the funeral is from $7,000 to $12,000. The price includes the expenses for viewing and burial, essential funeral setting services, transportation of the body, embalming, and other preparation. In case of no cemetery, monument, marker, or other practice, the average cost with just cremation is around $6,000 to $7,000.

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How Much Does Cremation Cost?

The cremation cost does not include cemetery monuments, markers, or other preparation services. Therefore, the average cost of a funeral with cremation is relatively low. It ranges from $1,000 – $3,000 to $6,000 – $8,000 depending on the options selected

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Average Funeral Cost Breakdown

1- Casket: $2,000-$5,000

2- Vault: $1,395

3- Urn: $75 – $350

4- Cremation: $5,150

5- Funeral Home: $2,100

6- Ceremony: $925

7- Embalming:  $725

8- Transportation:$325

9-Flowers: $50 – $80

10- Other Burial Costs:   May vary as per the requirements

Funeral Cost


How to Save On Funeral Costs?

Funerals can get expensive because there is no planning done beforehand. Most of the decisions are taken on the spot without caring to look for cheaper options. The death of loved ones is a huge emotional blow to the families. This clouds their judgment, and they make unsustainable decisions hastily. If the breadwinner or sole earner of the family dies, the economic loss is enormous. In such circumstances, expensive funerals can add more problems. To save on funeral costs, there needs to be proper pre-planning. Investing in funeral life insurance is the best option. The death benefit saves the family from the worry of managing the funeral. Pre-planning may also include deciding on how to dispose of the body, funeral home to be contacted, or managing the visitors, etc.    


How to  Manage Funeral Costs?

Dying can be a bit too expensive. The death of the loved one brings along massive emotional damage for the family. In such circumstances, dealing with finances is the last thing the family wants to worry about. Therefore, managing the funeral cost is significant to prevent any financial damages.

Getting an estimate about the funeral homes in your area is an excellent place to start when managing the funeral cost. This can help you in deciding the services you want from them as your budget. If few funeral items like liner are purchased from outside the funeral home, the family can save money efficiently. Suppose the body doesn’t have to travel or rested for too long before burial. In that case, the embalming process can be avoided to save cost. Moreover, memorials can be conducted in a place with a much lower price, like a private home, to manage the cost.


How Much Does It Cost to Be Buried?

Burying a body costs more than cremation. It includes the costs of a casket, headstone, grave liners, and other preparations like flowers and transportation, etc. Therefore, the average price of burial can be a little too expensive, up to $9,000 or more depending on the options selected.


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