Affordable Cremation and Funeral Services

Cremation and Funeral Services

The human cremation process is an ancient practice.
Over time, it has become an increasingly viable alternative for many families.
Whether because of fulfilling a loved one’s wishes, greater freedom to say goodbye to that person, or even ecological issues.
In addition to reducing environmental impacts, cremation is a more economical option than in pits.
However, despite the advantages that the practice offers, there is still a lot of prejudice, misinformation and even fear about the rite of cremating bodies.
Especially on the part of some religions.


Cremation and Funeral Ancient Practices

Some civilizations since 1000 BC already used this practice as a funeral ritual.

The Greeks and later the Romans also practiced cremation on their dead.

The meaning of cremation was already, at that time, an important gesture of offering a “dignified” destiny to the dead.

However, issues related to cremation, its origin, and practical applications still generate some confusion.

Although we need to bury our dead, another ancient technique proves to be much more advantageous from the point of view of sustainability cremation.

That is, the reduction of the corpse to dust through burning no wonder the practice has gained increasing popularity around the world.

Cremation costs

Whether tree burial, aerial burial, or burial at sea for all these forms of urn burial.

The company add the costs of cremation to the burial costs. On average, these are between $4000 to $7000, although there may be deviations.

The cost of cremation can vary from region to region or depend on whether a private or communal crematorium is commissioned with the cremation

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