Average monthly life insurance cost for 2023


The average cost for a monthly life insurance policy is dependent upon several factors. These factors play a vital role in determining the rate of an insurance policy. Age, gender, health status and life expectancy are the essential factors for calculating average monthly insurance cost authentically.

Insurance premiums are also devised based upon your health status and life expectancy. It’s a common understanding that the healthier you are, the cheaper your premiums’ cost will be.

Because when insurers are formulating an insurance policy, they have the luxury of categorizing applicants on a scale of preferred, super preferred and standard.

Standard is for the applicant that is on the lowest chart health-wise. Based upon these scales and categories, insurers can estimate health risks and therefore calculate premiums correctly.

Average monthly life insurance cost is not decided as per constant rate. It largely depends upon the plan that you’ve chosen for yourself.

The average insurance cost will be devised accordingly, whether it is a term life insurance plan or permanent.

The average cost of life insurance by age

Your age is the most significant factor that immediately affects your premium or even your insurance cost altogether. If the insurer sees you as a risk for the company, as a benefit, then there are chances of lower premiums and increased rates in an insurance plan. On the other hand, if you buy an insurance plan later in your life, you are more likely to die due to old age, and that is when an insurance company will see you as a risk or liability. Therefore, it is wise to purchase an insurance plan as early in life as possible. So that when the rates will increase in the coming years, they do not adversely affect your insurance plan.

The average cost of life insurance by gender

Insurance plans vary in prices based on gender as well. According to some scientific reports, women tend to live more than men in most cases, so they pay for the same insurance plan less than what men are supposed to pay. This is one of the fundamental reasons why the price variation is expected in calculating average monthly life insurance costs in both genders. For example, if a woman is to buy the same insurance plan as a man, her project will make the only difference is that she will tend to live 80+ years, while the average age of man (say, in America) is only 76 years.

Any policy bought at a later age by any gender will be relatively more expensive than the policy accepted in earlier stages of life. For example, consider 40 years old who purchases a policy at that age. At age 50, a $500k worth of term life insurance policy will cost him about $100 more annually. By age 60, the official annual rates for 20 years long, $500k term life insurance policy, would be three times more than what it was initially.

Besides this, data collected has shown that, on average, men spend 23% more on similar term life insurance plans than women due to their lesser life expectancy ratio.

Average AgeAverage female quoteAverage male quote
25$18 per month$22 per month
35$22 per month$25 per month
45$41 per month$51 per month
50$60 per month$81 per month

Average monthly life insurance cost by policy size and length

The amount paid as a death benefit after your death is necessary for future financial planning. It also has a face value, and to purchase a correct policy, it is essential to evaluate accurate face value accordingly. By calculating and finally opting for a valid face value, you will be securing your family’s future reasonably.

Calculating accurate face value for a life insurance policy is not a difficult task depending upon your assets, savings, and expenses. And if done rightly can quickly provide for your loved ones later in your absence. The eventual size and length of the policy also affect the monthly insurance cost since each plan is devised customarily. After considering personal preferences and loopholes thus, the size and length of policy that the number of years and months it will go on for is of equal importance.

10-year term life insurance policy rates

Generally, a ten-year policy plan is preferable because it is the cheapest and does not negatively affect the overall length and size of the policy. However, individuals who are not interested in or a looking for a lengthy policy plan can easily opt for a ten-year-long commitment. Along with handsome policy face value and preferred insurance rates as well.

Policy face valuePreferred plusPreferredStandard

20-year term life insurance rates

Term Life Insurance as the name indicates provides coverage for the specific term. The term length can vary from 10 to 30 years, chosen as per the need of the buyer.

A 20-year term life insurance is the one that locks in a guaranteed death benefit for 20 years. It is an ideal insurance policy for young and old people alike. With expensive coverage, a 20-year term plan is affordable, as premiums are to be paid monthly or annually for the term of 20 years.

The premium amount is decided as per the age, gender, medical health condition, and coverage amount of the policy. For instance, a 20-year term life insurance for the coverage amount of $250,000 can cost up to 14-18$ monthly for a 25-year-old insurer.

20-years term life insurance is the most common pick among all life insurance buyers. The death benefit it offers is just perfect to cover all the expenses. The amount can be used to pay off any debt or loan, cover any medical or hospital bills or support funeral expenses. The coverage can also work as an income replacement for the deceased family.

Acquiring a 20-year term life insurance is a simple method. It can be applied online or through an agent. Mostly, term life insurance requires a medical examination.