The Best Personal Accident Insurance Companies in the USA

Best Personal Accident Insurance

Accidents are sudden and unexpected happenings in everyone’s life. They can’t be easily forgotten until and unless they are healed leaving no pain whether physically or financially. Getting complete protection against unpredictable accidents for you and your family via the best personal accident insurance policy would be helpful. 

About 35 million people visit the emergency rooms annually for non-fatal accidental injuries. Do you know that just one visit to the emergency room can cost you something between $150 to $3,000? That’s why most people go with personal accident insurance to cover their medical bills and expenses. The policy provides you with enough coverage whenever you suffer an injury or disability from an unforeseen accident. 

In this blog post, we will compare some of the best personal accident insurance companies in the USA. Let’s get started! 

Best Personal Accident Insurance Companies of 2023 

1- Combined Insurance Company of America

It is one of the best overall choices for insured due to its long history and providing plans across all 50 states in the USA. Combined Insurance Company is the only insurance company on our list that offers nationwide coverage. 

It was founded in 1922 and has an A+ rating for financial strength from AM Best. The company offers insurance policies for individuals as well as businesses across the country. However, it provides best personal accident insurance coverage under its Accident Protector policy. After choosing coverage of your interest, and your state of residence and confirming your age between 18 and 64, you can get a quote on the company’s website. 


  • Authenticity (founded 100 years ago)
  • AM Best rating of A+
  • Online quotes available
  • Insurance coverage begins instantly. 


  • You have to contact an agent to get an accident insurance plan. 

2- American International Group, Inc.

American International Group, Inc., also known as AIG, can be one of the top picks for affordable options as it offers the lowest monthly premiums among the companies listed here. 

It is an insurance company that provides insurance coverage across the globe including in the USA and other 80 countries. Moreover, it has an Am Best rating of A for financial strength. An applicant can request a quote on their site by simply filling out his date of birth and his residential state, and then choosing the plan of his choice. The company offers three different levels of coverage including basic, standard, and enhanced, however, the basic plan is the most affordable one in terms of premium. 


  • AM Best rating of A for financial strength
  • No medical test required 
  • Online quotes available 
  • Offers various types of coverages and plans according to your budget


3- Liberty Mutual Insurance Company 

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company is considered one of the best insurance companies for claims support. It will assign a dedicated representative to the insured who files a claim to make sure he has a fast and smooth process. The assigned person will actively update the policyholder on the current status of the claim at every step of the process. 

The company has an A rating from AM Best and provides insurance services in the USA and other 29 countries and economies across the world. It offers three different types of accident coverage and plans such as basic, plus, and premium. All of these are flexible and can be easily adjusted according to the insured’s needs. To get an online quote, choose your state, enter your date of birth and gender, and then answer a question about your current accident policy (if you have any). 


  • Offers AD and D benefits 
  • No medical exams or questions asked 
  • Provides coverage for emergency dental procedures 
  • A designated representative to help with the claim procedure. 


  • Coverage is not in all the states (only 39 states and the District of Columbia). 

4- The Guardian Life Insurance of America 

This insurance company is famous for its best customer service as its direct customer support is available from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET through phone or email. The Guardian Life Insurance of America provides a representative who is ready to help policyholders and answer all their questions regarding coverage, plans, and others.  

It holds an A++ rating for financial strength from AM Best and serves more than 29 million clients across the country. However, to request a quote online, the applicant has to enter the zip code, provide details for whom he is seeking the coverage (for himself, partner, or child), and then choose the age range. It offers two plan options including The Guardian Accident Protection Plus Silver and Guardian Accident Protection Plus Gold. Both plans vary in monthly premiums and coverage. 


  • A++ Superior rating from AM Best 
  • No deductible or waiting period
  • Coverage can be bought online without speaking to an agent


  • Coverage isn’t available in all the states of the USA. 

5- Buddy Technology, Inc

Where most insurers provide on an annual basis, the best personal accident insurance coverage offered by Buddy Technology, Inc. is something unique. You can get a personal insurance plan from this company for a specific time when you need it, whether for a day, week, or month. It’s one of the best features of this insurer that makes it best for on-demand coverage. 

In addition, the company offers you instant and global coverage with no deductibles. However, the insurance policies of Buddy Technology Inc., are underwritten by StarNet Insurance Company which has an A+ AM Best rating for financial strength. By simply selecting the state where you live and providing information like for whom you are getting coverage, selecting the coverage length and dates when you need it, you can request a quote or even buy a policy from the company’s website. 


  • Immediate online quotes 
  • Live chat support is available 
  • The policy can be bought within 90 seconds 


  • Doesn’t cover the accidents that happen at work
  • Available in only 43 states of America and the District of Columbia.

Summing Up

Here we provide you with a comparison of the 5 best personal accident insurance companies in the USA. Now it’s up to you and your requirements which insurer suits you the best. Additionally, you can consult a professional advisor who will guide you according to the available options to your demands and help you to get the best one. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Personal Accident Insurance? 

It is a supplemental type of insurance policy that you may get on top of your existing health insurance. It offers financial support and provides the benefit directly to you in case of any accident covered by the policy. However, some of these plans have AD & D coverage or you can also get it separately. 

What is the expected cost of the Best Personal Accident Insurance Plan? 

The cost of this policy is relatively low compared to health insurance and other insurance policies. You may find monthly premiums as low as $4 or as high as $50 based on the insurer and your coverage type. However, the cost can also vary according to your state, medical conditions, and the number of individuals covered by the plan. 

Is the Best Personal Accident Insurance Plan Essential? 

Buying personal accident insurance is a complete choice for a person as it depends on the types of coverage he may want. Meanwhile, if someone already has life and disability insurance plans, there is no need for this policy, but if he/she is insured with only health insurance, the best personal accident insurance would be helpful to cover the gap and pay any high-cost deductibles.