Does Suze Orman recommend term life insurance?

Suze Orman

Suze Orman is an internationally recognized financial advisor, TV personality, and motivational speaker. She is the author of ten books and has been the host of the award-winning “The Suze Orman Show” since 2002, in which she provides financial and economic advice to viewers.

So, Suze Orman has something to say about life insurance. What is her recommendation for finding the top life insurance companies? Is Suze the one you should talk to about life insurance?

What Is Suze Orman’s Opinion on Life Insurance?

You might be shocked at what you find while searching for “life insurance Suze Orman.” Suze’s philosophy is simple: “people first, money second, object third.” You should buy insurance if you have individuals that rely on you and your income. Protecting your family should take precedence over your riches and goods.

In general, life insurance is among the most significant types of protection available.

Suze Orman Recommendations for Coverage

Suze recommends term insurance, particularly a 20-year term policy for specific types of coverage. She also recommends that the coverage amount be 20 times your annual income.

If you’re 35 years old and earn $37,000 each year, your insurance coverage should be roughly $750,000. Suze doesn’t have any specific suggestions for insurance providers, but she is a paid spokeswoman for a huge insurance agency (more on that later).

She’s also a believer in buying the term and investing the difference. We are, too, but it isn’t a viable option for everyone searching for life insurance.

Our Opinions On Suze Orman Recommendations

Suze Orman is someone we hold in high regard and believe has a lot to give in terms of financial advice. She and Dave Ramsey have helped many individuals understand their spending habits and finances. However, there are a few factors that individuals should think about before following her advice.

To begin with, a 20-year term may not be for everyone, particularly someone under the age of 35. After all, the ordinary 35-year-old will likely work for another 20 years or more, and the majority of those in this age bracket will almost probably live to be 55.

Life Insurance Ages

A 20-year term, on the other hand, may not be appropriate for those in their later years. Many of our 50-year-old (or older) clients, for example, choose a 10- or 15-year term insurance. This ensures that they are insured till retirement, and it is frequently less expensive than lengthier durations.

Furthermore, while term life insurance is an excellent option for many people, this is not the only option. Permanent life insurance is suitable for some people.

We frequently recommend that clients buy a blend of term and permanent insurance to save money while assuring that their loved ones will be provided for regardless of their age.

Suze Orman And

Finally, Ms. Orman suggests mlifeinsurance as an insurance provider to consider. While this organization does deal with some of the best insurance providers in the country, they are not for everyone. More information may be found in our mlifeinsurance  review, but meanwhile, here are some key aspects to consider:

  • First and foremost, mlifeinsurance compensates Suze. You should be aware that Suze Orman only recommends mlifeinsurance because they are a paid sponsor of her TV show, not because their company is deserving of praise.
  • mlifeinsurance is a call center for “agents” attempting to reach their sales objectives. The trouble with these organizations is that you are frequently urged to buy a policy when you first phone, and you will seldom speak with the same individual twice.
  • mlifeinsurance only provides insurance from 11 companies, restricting your options and decreasing your chances of getting the best rates. On the other hand, we deal with not only mlifeinsurance providers but also over 20 others.
  • If you are one of the many people who have a pre-existing health condition, mlifeinsurance will not provide you with the best costs. This is partly due to the fact that their insurance suppliers are limited, and hence they are unable to compare a wide range of bids.


So, in conclusion, Ms. Orman provides excellent financial advice in her program and her books. The Susie Orman life insurance guidance we’ve come across, on the other hand, should not be followed without careful consideration of all the specifics. There are numerous benefits and drawbacks to life insurance, and it is not as straightforward as Suze suggests.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in life insurance and would want specialized, attentive service. We’ll send you a personalized quotation and further information about how to receive the coverage you need. Suze Orman, thank you for reading our article about life insurance.

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