Funeral Services in Oregon | Memorial and Burial Services 

Looking for funeral services in Oregon? We provide a range of memorial and burial services to honour your loved one. Let us help you in this difficult time.

Oregon funeral services provide a variety of options to help families honour their loved ones. From traditional funerals to cremations and memorials, Oregon funeral homes are equipped to meet the needs of families.

With a wide variety of packages, Oregon funeral homes can accommodate any budget and provide the respect, dignity, and care that families deserve. From providing experienced professionals to handle all of the arrangements to offering grief counselling and after-care services, Oregon funeral services provide personalized and compassionate care.

Average Cost of Funeral Services in Oregon 

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of a funeral services cost in Oregon is $7,605. It includes the basic services fee, removal and preparation of the remains, use of facilities and staff for services, service vehicles, and a casket.

This cost does not include the cemetery plot or marker, funeral flowers, or an obituary. It is important to note that the cost of a funeral service can vary significantly depending on the type of service and the funeral products chosen.

Coverage Amount Benefit of Funeral Services in Oregon

Funeral services in Oregon provide an invaluable benefit to individuals and families during difficult times. The state has very comprehensive coverage for funeral services and related expenses. The coverage amount for funeral planning is determined by the type of service selected. For instance, the number of people attending, and the type of burial arrangements that are chosen. The coverage amount for funeral services can be as low as $2,000 and as high as $10,000.

In addition to the coverage amount for actual funeral services, the coverage also includes burial arrangements. These may include, the cost of the casket, the cost of a grave liner or vault, and the cost of a cemetery plot. It also covers the cost of service and the cost of a memorial.

Funeral services are also eligible for a variety of state and federal benefits. For instance, Social Security death benefits and Veterans Administration benefits. These benefits can provide significant financial assistance to those who are responsible for the costs associated with a funeral.

Funeral services in Oregon are an important benefit to those in need. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the coverage amount available and the types of benefits that may be available. This information can help individuals and families make the best decisions when it comes to planning funeral services.

What is Oregon Home Burial Packet?

Oregon Home Burial Packet is an information packet provided by the state of Oregon to assist families in burying their loved ones at home. The packet, which is available for free, contains all of the forms and information necessary to obtain a home burial permit from the state.

The packet also provides detailed instructions for burying the deceased. It includes information on local regulations and burial requirements, as well as other helpful information. The packet is an invaluable resource for families who wish to provide their loved ones with a meaningful home-based burial.

What is the cheapest funeral option?

The cheapest funeral option is a direct cremation. With direct cremation, you can cremate the body shortly after death without a service or viewing. This is the most affordable option as it eliminates the costs of a funeral service, embalming, and casket. It also allows for a greater degree of flexibility with the memorial service, as you can hold the ashes in the home until a later date.

How many funeral homes are in Oregon?

According to the Oregon Mortuary & Cemetery Board, there are currently 114 funeral homes obtaining licenses operating in Oregon.