Burial Services in Missouri – what you should know? 

Burial services in Missouri help families commemorate the lives of their loved ones. Missouri has something for everyone, from traditional funerals to customized cremations to green burials.

Difference between Burial, Funeral, and Cremation

Burial services in Missouri are the traditional way of disposing of human remains and are usually the most expensive option. It involves burying the deceased’s body in a casket or container in a cemetery or burial ground. The funeral is a ceremony held at the burial site, typically with family and friends attending. 

Burial Services in Missouri

Take notice of certain religious rituals in burial services in Missouri

Funerals may include religious or cultural rituals, eulogies, and other customs. Cremation is disposing of human remains by burning them to ashes. It is typically the least expensive option and is often selected for religious or environmental reasons.

What’s the Average Time a Funeral Home Holds a Body?

The average time a funeral home holds a body before burial or cremation is generally between 24 and 48 hours. However, the exact duration can vary based on the funeral home’s policies and any legal requirements.

Sometimes, you need to hold the body longer to accommodate a delayed cremation or burial or to give family and friends more time to gather for a funeral service. It’s important to speak with a funeral home representative to determine the specific timeframe in any given situation.

How Long Does an Embalmed Body Last?

Embalming is a process that helps to preserve a deceased person’s body for a long time. It often works for burials that occur a few days after death or when you need to transfer the body over a longer distance.

The length of time an embalmed body will last depends on various factors, including the quality of the embalming job, the environment in which you will store the body, and the type of casket you will use. Generally, an embalmed body can last anywhere from seven to twelve years, though it can last much longer in certain conditions.

How Long Does a Refrigerated Body Last?

Refrigerated bodies, also known as reefers, are containers that help to keep food and other perishables at a safe consumption temperature. A refrigerated body typically operates on a thermostat-controlled system. Moreover, it can last anywhere from several months to several years, depending on the quality of the unit and the conditions in which you would expose it.

Proper maintenance and use of a reefer can ensure a longer lifespan. Wheres, neglect, and extreme conditions can reduce its lifespan significantly. Additionally, the type of refrigerant used in the reefer can impact its lifespan, with certain refrigerants lasting longer than others. See also our affordable plans like cash value life insurance to get the best.