Burial Services in Louisiana – What are the rules?

Various Burial Services in Louisiana offer to honor the lives of your loved ones. From traditional funerals to unique celebrations, Louisiana is a great place to find the perfect memorial for a person’s life.

In Louisiana, the state government usually regulates average burial services. All funeral homes in the state must get a license so that the State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors can inspect the applicants. All businesses must follow the rules and regulations outlined in Title 37 of the Louisiana Administrative Code.

Moreover, these rules and regulations include requirements for preparing and disposing of human remains. For instance, cremation and embalming, and licensed funeral directors. Funeral homes must also adhere to the Louisiana Cemetery Statute. Furthermore, it outlines the requirements for the burial of human remains in a cemetery.

It will include the requirements for the purchase of burial rights, the interment of human remains, and the maintenance of cemetery records. Individuals planning a funeral in Louisiana must know these regulations. So, they can ensure that they have followed all necessary procedures properly.

How do I decide between a burial or a cremation in Louisiana?

Deciding between a burial or cremation in Louisiana is an important decision that requires careful consideration. In addition to the personal and religious beliefs of the deceased, there are several factors to consider when making this decision, such as cost, environmental impact, and the family’s wishes. 

Burial is typically more expensive than cremation but allows for greater personalization of the service and the ability to visit the deceased meaningfully. Cremation is usually more cost-effective and is the preferred choice for families who prefer a more private and less expensive funeral service. 

Additionally, cremation reduces the environmental impact of traditional burials, as it requires less land and resources. It is important to consider the deceased’s wishes, as they may have already made their decision known to the family. Ultimately, choosing between a burial or affordable cremation should be an informed decision that considers the personal, financial, and environmental factors and the wishes of the deceased.

Burial Services in Louisiana

Does the deceased have to be embalmed in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, embalming is not legally necessary. Embalming may be necessary, however, if you will transport the deceased across state lines. Or, if you display the body for an extended period.

Sometimes, you may require an alternate form of preservation if you do not want to bury or cremate the body within 24 hours. If you request embalming, a licensed mortician trained and certified in practice can perform it.

Reasons Why Someone Might Need to Delay the Burial?

There can be many reasons why someone might need to delay the burial of a loved one. These include:

Waiting for the results of an autopsy: If the death of a loved one is deemed suspicious or unexpected, an autopsy may be necessary. Moreover, it can require that the body will be held until you receive the autopsy results.

Waiting on family members to travel: If family members or friends are not near across the globe, it may be necessary to delay the burial until they arrive.

Waiting on a religious ceremony: Certain religions require that the family should perform a specific ceremony before burial. It can necessitate a delay in the burial.

Waiting on a specific date: Some individuals may wait until a specific date to bury their loved ones. For instance, as a birthday or anniversary.

Waiting on the completion of paperwork: In some cases, individuals need to complete the paperwork before they can place a burial. Moreover, it may include a death certificate or burial authorization.

Waiting for special items: Some individuals may wait for certain items. These may include a special coffin or a religious item, to arrive before the burial.

Waiting on the weather: If a burial occurs outdoors, waiting until the weather is suitable and safe may be necessary. Variable Universal Life Insurance is also one of our affordable insurance options to serve you in the best way. You can take a quick glance in it to see the details.