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Cremation Services 2023

Cremation, as a funeral ritual, is present in various cultures and religions of the world. In Europe, the burning of the bodies of the deceased is also becoming more and more popular. This is influenced by sanitary-epidemiological, social, and economic factors, as well as to a large extent the fact that the cremation of the deceased is accepted by the Christian and Catholic Church if it does not undermine the belief in the “resurrection of the body.”

The Church allows the possibility of performing funeral rites after placing the ashes in the urn, when:

  • Cremation facilitates the removal of the remains of the deceased, for example, from abroad;
    because of the distance, it is difficult for relatives, friends, and acquaintances to attend the funeral, and in a few days – at the burial of the ashes.
  • The funeral home organizes the funeral ceremony and the cremation process itself if it was the will of the deceased or his family. By its nature, such a ceremony is not much different from a traditional funeral. Farewell to the deceased person is an integral part. At the request of the family, this can happen before cremation (at the coffin) or after the burning of the body (at the urn).
  • The cremation services offer comprehensive assistance in transporting the deceased to the crematorium, preparing the corpse for cremation, carrying out the act of burning the body and organizing a funeral and commemoration.

What does the cremation process look like?

The body is prepared for incineration according to standard procedures. The deceased entering the care of the funeral home is cleaned and dressed in a simple dress (shroud) or his own clothing. Many deceased is embalmed and kept in professional mortuaries, which are refrigeration systems designed to hold corpses awaiting cremation. Some clients may have specific religious traditions and different requirements for the preparation of the deceased.

Precious jewelry and products such as medical equipment and prostheses are eliminated as well as returned to households to stay clear of any reactions in the incineration chamber. At the end of the cremation, the crematorium personnel inspect the nameplate on the casket as well as designate it an identity card. This will certainly guarantee that the proper ashes are gone back to relatives.

The Coffins are used completely environmentally friendly – without varnish and decorative elements. You can choose from a wide range of regular wood, natural veneer, or the more economical cardboard. The coffin is placed in the cremation chamber with the deceased and burned during cremation, as it is made of perishable materials. Inside the coffin, you can put wooden toys, books, flowers, and photographs, which will be cremated with your loved one. This is provided that they are non-flammable and do not emit harmful vapors such as alcohol or latex.

The incineration of a corpse is carried out in a combustion chamber with a high temperature reaching 900-1200 degrees Celsius. The whole cremation process takes from one to three hours. After burning a person weighing 60-70 kg, 2-2.5 kilograms of ash and burnt bones remain. Then the resulting residues are cooled in a special chamber for another 1-2 hours. It depends on the temperature of the cremation, the size of the body of the deceased, and the material of the coffin.

After that, the ash is crushed into dust by a suitable device, and we place it in the urn of your choice. The ashes are handed over to the household along with the cremation certificate. You can buy the trash can in advance – this will be a good choice for long-term and more personalized storage. You can purchase a traditional container in the form of a vase or bowl with a lid, made of metal, wood, ceramics, granite, marble, and other materials.

Types of cremation services

There are three main options for cremation:

Traditional memorial service followed by burning of the body.

As with traditional funerals, a farewell ceremony and a memorial service are held after a person’s death. This service is followed by cremation. The cremated remains can after that be buried, scattered, or gone back to the household.

Memorial service

This is, in fact, a funeral service for the deceased without the presence of the body. Cremation takes place 1-2 days after death, and the memorial service takes place sometime later. The final placement of the remains occurs after the service. This may include bringing the urn home, burying it in a grave in a cemetery, placing the urn in a cremation niche, or scattering ashes in a significant location for the deceased.

Simple or direct cremation

This type of cremation is the most economical. The burning of the deceased takes place without burial or memorial service.
The deceased is taken directly to the crematorium, and the cremated remains are returned to their family members.

The cost of cremating a corpse is no higher than that of a traditional funeral, so it can be a good alternative. We aim to keep the price as low as possible while keeping the top quality of service. The exact portfolio of cremation services you choose will play a large role in determining the overall price. For example, a full funeral with the presence of the body will cost more than one with an urn on display, since the deceased will need to be embalmed.

Cremation vs. Burial: How To Decide Between The Two?

For this, all the issues that were previously addressed need to be taken into account. If you weigh the benefits, you will be able to choose the ones that are most needed by you.

If you prefer not to go through the burial process and witness this moment, the decision is more on the cremation side, for example. However, if you want there to be a place for visitation, tributes, and souvenirs, and this place is traditional, then the decision goes more toward the burial.

Either way, both decisions are great and fulfill very well the role of providing the loved one with the dignity deserved in this moment of condolences.

That way, when the work is done with professionalism, the result is always within what you expect. So, regardless of your choice, rest assured knowing that the best will be done.