Met Life Insurance


Met Life Insurance

Met Life insurance was established in 1868. Starting from America, the company is now working in 40 countries all around the world. It has a lengthy record of helping generations of customers secure their property, finances, family, and future. Met Life Insurance received an A+ from Standard & Poor and an A from A.M. Best and Fitch.
Met Life Insurance company provides a variety of services and insurance products. These are Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Vision Insurance, and Accidental and Health Insurance. Moreover, after the person’s death, the company also offers Greif counseling by providing access to professional help during the time of need and Funeral Assistance for providing final arrangements and services.
The company is working with 150 years of experience and doing a finesse job in all its products by helping customers what they need as per their requirement.

Met Life Insurance Plans and Policies

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance provides insurance for a set period.
It has three sub-programs.

Basic Term Life

Basic term life is the employer-paid coverage option that is set for a certain period. Employer-paid is the insurance that the employer pays on behalf of the employees. The basic term life provides beneficiaries with crucial financial security.

Supplement term life

Supplement term life is an employee paid coverage option which extends the protection as per the need. It also allows coverage for a dependent, spouse, or domestic partner.

Dependent Term Life

Dependent term life extends the option for


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Group Variable Universal Life

Met Life insurance provides a tax-deferred investment feature. The policy comes with the feature of paying additional payments whenever convenient for you with the option of paying a lump sum amount at any time of the year. It allows you to pay additional premiums above the insurance cost for a wide range of investment options. It offers an interest-bearing fixed account that guarantees minimum interest rates. Moreover, Group Variable Universal Life gives the option of accessing the cash value whenever needed with no penalties for early withdrawal penalties or surrender charges.

Group Universal Life Insurance

The Group Universal Life insurance is a two-in-one policy option that allows both life insurance and saving options. The policy is customer-friendly with flexible coverage options. It is permanent and portable and provides future financial security by supplementing retirement income. The policy also allows the option of including tax-deferred savings.


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