Founded in 1936, Government Employees Insurance Company initially focused on government employees and military personnel. Today they insure over 28 million vehicles and have over 40,000 employees. They offer a variety of insurance products, including auto insurance, life insurance, flood insurance, overseas insurance, etc. They are available for contact 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. GEICO has an AA+ rating from Standard & Poor’s, an A++ from A.M. Best and an Aa1 from Moody’s.

GEICO is among the best United States insurance companies offering life insurance for seniors. They were ranked #1 by Kanbay Research Institute as the most desired insurer based on customer service and focus on staff training and development. They are also recognized for their diversity. They were named “2019 Best of the Best” in the Top Insurance Company category by Hispanic Network and “2020 Best of the Best” in the Top Insurance Company category by Professional Women’s Magazine.

GEICO Term Life Insurance

GEICO’s term life insurance policy is available to clients between 18 and 80 and offers coverage between $5,000 and $25 million. This policy offers terms of 10, 20, 30, and 35 years. Their term life policy is available in all 50 states of USA.

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What insurance riders does GEICO offer ?

GEICO offers the following insurance riders with its life insurance policies:

Accelerated Death Benefit

This rider lets you receive part of your death benefit during your life is you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Accidental Death Benefit

This rider allows your beneficiaries to receive additional coverage if you pass away during an accident.

Waiver of Premium

If you become disabled, you don’t need to pay your premiums.

How do I apply for a life insurance quote at GEICO ?

Go to their website and enter the required information to view the available quotes.

How do I get the best premium rates with GEICO ?

A little bit of research and planning on your end can help you qualify for better rates. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind with regard to premium rates with GEICO.

Quit Smoking

If you smoke, be prepared for higher premiums. Quit smoking; it is good for your health and will reduce your premiums.

Stay healthy

You may be required to take a medical exam, and if you are unfit, you won’t do well and pay higher premiums. Eating healthy and exercising regularly can go a long way and make a huge difference when it comes to weight and blood pressure.  

Being transparent

If you want to qualify for the best insurance policy for you, you need to share everything regarding your health and lifestyle. This ensures that you are matched with the best life insurance policy based on your needs and situation.

Review your policy

Try to review your insurance policy and rates every 3 to 5 years. Even if you feel you are okay with your current policy, reviewing and updating the policy based on your current needs is a good practice.

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