Fidelity Insurance Company

Fidelity Insurance Company

Founded in 1896, Fidelity Insurance Company works with highly rated insurance providers with a lengthy archive of serving clients. Almost 35 million people enjoy financial security from this company. Fidelity Insurance company manages employee benefit programs for more than 22,000 businesses. It supports over 13,000 financial institutions by providing them creative investment and technology solutions to help them excel in their businesses. As of December 2020, the company owns a total of $9.8 Trillion in customer assets. The company received an A+ rating and A- ratings from A.M. Best and S & P and from Better Business Bureau respectively.
Fidelity Insurance Company covers a wide range of life insurance products, including Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, and Hybrid life Insurance. The company offers a 30 days trial run during which you can terminate the policy if you are dissatisfied.

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Term Life Insurance Get a free quote now and find the plan that's right for you.

Term life insurance comes with a coverage of a specific period that can be 10, 15, or 20 years as per your requirement. The premium payments remain constant throughout the duration, with the option of paying them monthly, semi-annually, and annually.

Term life insurance offers a lump sum amount of money, which is exempted from tax to help to cover the financial expenses after your death. The amount acts as the replacement of the lost income.It also covers your family’s housing, college, or other financial necessities.The amount of the Premium payment remains the same for the coverage period selected; the available premium options are monthly, semi-annual, and annual.


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Act now! Get Universal life insurance and secure your future!

Universal Life Insurance comes with lifetime coverage and can transfer the wealth to the heirs.The premiums are flexible that need to be paid for a certain period.The policy also provides the feature of building cash values against the premium. It helps with the income replacement and can be used to pay for estate taxes.

Take the next step to secure your future. Invest in Hybrid Life Insurance today

Hybrid Life Insurance provides a long-term care benefit given with another type of insurance, usually with Whole or Universal Life Insurance.The Hybrid policy has varying premium payments that can either be paid in a single go or installments.It helps you with long-term care needs and covers retirement savings plan. In case of your death, the benefits are provided to the designated beneficiaries.


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