Life Insurance Faqs



Life insurance prices tend to vary depending on the types of coverage and the insurer offering the product. The amount of the claim can also cause the cost of insurance to increase, thus varying in the life insurance costs. For the quote, companies also assess the user’s age, health, and various other factors.

Some people think that paying for life insurance is throwing money away, but actually, it is an investment. This is because if anything happens to the insured, he or his family will be financially supported. Life insurance brings more peace of mind in different situations and offers support in cases of unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, it is worth having life insurance, mainly because the amount invested is low in relation to the tranquility it provides.
At first, many people believe that a life insurance policy is only provided for the insured person’s death. However, even basic coverage tends to include more unexpected situations that can happen over a lifetime. Thus, depending on what is contracted, it may include:
  1. Protection against total permanent work disability due to illness (ILPD).
  2. Terminal illnesses.
  3. Medical, hospital, and dental expenses.
  4. Daily for temporary disability (DIT).
  5. Per diem for the hospital admission.
  6. Diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases, among others. death.
  7. Accidental death.
  8. Funeral assistance.

As each person is different from the other and with different needs, it is difficult to say an exact amount of life insurance.

To calculate the insurance, several factors are taken into accounts, such as age, health conditions, and lifestyle. For example, those who lead a life with healthy habits, practice physical activity, and are concerned about food, have better insurance conditions than a person who leads a life with unhealthy habits.


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