Securing Your Parent’s Future: Benefits of Funeral Insurance


Looking for a funeral plan? Then know that our funeral insurance for parents guarantees the provision of services for the realization of a complete premium funeral, in case of death from any cause. From a simple phone call, the insured’s family will have a professional to resolve the formalities, organizing all the details, from the release of papers, costing to burial. More peace of mind for you and/or your family in such a delicate moment.

With funeral insurance for parents, for example, the insured’s family is free to choose the funeral assistance provided by the insurer or to hire the service on their own and, later, request reimbursement up to the contracted amount.

Another advantage is the possibility to cancel the insurance, at any time, without additional costs.

Funeral insurance also stands out for offering cremation coverage without additional costs. In addition to body transfer, with national and international coverage.

The Benefits of Having Funeral Insurance for Your Parents

Sometimes, when our parents get older, we would like to make sure that they have taken the necessary steps to take care of their funeral in the future. Indeed, the ceremony, the coffin, the death notice, etc. represent a significant cost which, if not covered by insurance, poses many concerns to the family of the deceased, already in pain.

As a child, we then come to ask ourselves this question: can I take out funeral insurance for my parents? Strictly speaking, no, it is not authorized by the legislator. The subscriber is necessarily the insured, which means that a third party cannot set up funeral insurance on behalf of another. Indeed, the signature must be that of the insured.

On the other hand, you have quite the possibility of helping your parents to fill out their membership application, which is also a good way to approach this subject and to know the last wishes of his parents: important exchanges, who will avoid the slightest doubt as to their wishes at the time of their death.

Securing Your Parent’s Future: Benefits of Funeral Insurance

The cost of funeral insurance varies and depends on the insurance itself. The higher the sum insured, the higher the premium to be paid. The age of the policyholder is also important, because here, too, the older the person concerned is, the higher the contributions are set. When determining the sum, each policyholder should go into his own mind, because the individual claims are very different here, which of course also leads to different high insured sums. While a normal funeral is also available for $4,500, others cost around $15,000.

Securing Your Parent’s Future: Benefits of Funeral Insurance

So know that the best funeral plans are those that offer extensive coverage, exclusive benefits for the plan holder and simplified contracts. Our plan offers premium funeral assistance of up to $10,000, with the best coverage in the market. The best part: this plan can be contracted online, in a few minutes, with immediate coverage. Insurance payment is also facilitated.

Funeral Expenses – How expensive is a funeral?

The costs for a funeral can vary widely, depending on individual wishes and financial possibilities. On average, however, relatives should expect costs of around $7,500-$10,000. The type of burial also plays a significant role in the costs. For example, while coffin burials used to be very widespread, the trend is now more towards cheaper burials in the urn.
In order to counteract this trend and to make classic coffin burials more attractive again, many cemeteries are now breaking new ground.

Securing Your Parent’s Future: Benefits of Funeral Insurance

Generally, funeral insurance for parents covers the payment of expenses for the ceremony and burial; payment of fees for issuing the necessary documents; and the transfer of the body when the insured person’s death occurs in a city other than his/her residence.

Some specific coverages are:

• Advice on administrative formalities: the assistance service provides the necessary documents for burial;
• Funeral car;
• Urn or coffin;
• Funeral;
• Burial or cremation;
• Wreath of flowers;
• Lease of a deposit for a few years, if the family does not have one;
• Condolence table;
• Ornamentation of urn;
• Body preparation;
• Transfer to a relative who lives in another city;
• Death Record.

Securing Your Parent’s Future: Benefits of Funeral Insurance

Life insurance is very important for seniors over 50 years of age, as taking out the policy is aimed at protecting their loved ones.

The inclusion of compensation for an accident that causes disability is another possibility. In some cases, it may even include funeral assistance insurance that will help the family with financial matters. The amounts received by the beneficiaries will allow them to have fewer worries and not wear themselves out in search of funeral services.

Securing Your Parent’s Future: Benefits of Funeral Insurance

As the person gets older, health care intensifies. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully analyze the insurance offers, especially life insurance for parents over 60 has restrictions for clients over age and may be more expensive.

To give you an idea, a 20-year-old woman would pay, on average, $133.98 per year for coverage of $50,000 in cases of accident, disability and death. At 60, the value would rise to $1,349.34. It is worth remembering that the price also varies according to the client’s profile (such as income or if you are a smoker, for example), the contracted coverage and the contract conditions.

Taking out life insurance at age 60 can be more complicated. Because of the high risk of a claim, some insurers impose age limits for joining the plan. Those that offer the service can charge a high price. Even so, the company can refuse to accept the person, after analyzing the policyholder’s profile.

Coverage includes accidental and natural death, as well as individual funeral assistance.

Securing Your Parent’s Future: Benefits of Funeral Insurance

Life insurance for parents over 70, in general, looks for more tranquility to continue going on with their lives, without generating so much concern from others. Life insurance, even if it is not offered so completely to this audience, meets this larger goal.

Regardless, you should think very clearly about what your main desires are when taking out a policy, before considering investing in insurance. In addition, it’s good to be mindful of your financial planning, as you will be taking responsibility for paying the monthly premium, and, as you can imagine, the amount will also take into account your age.

The interesting thing is that if you have considered having life insurance above 70 years of age, the ideal is that you also do a search for insurance companies and values.

Securing Your Parent’s Future: Benefits of Funeral Insurance

Most providers offer an insurance plan of up to 75 or a maximum of 80 years. However, there are a few exceptions on the market where you can sometimes be insured for up to 90 years:

No exam life insurance for parents is the best offer for seniors over 80 years of age is without a health exam and with a waiting period of only 6 months, Life insurance for parents over 80 is a good and affordable death benefit insurance for seniors up to the age of 90. With this, the insured person is also the policyholder and must sign the application himself. The supervisor can sign for supervised persons.