Burial Services in New York – Things You may need to Know

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Burial services in New York are the responsibility of a wide range of funeral homes, cemeteries, and cremation services. These services can include the transport of the deceased to the funeral home, embalming, the purchase of a burial plot or crypt, casket selection, and the actual burial or entombment of the deceased.

However, additional services may include assistance with the planning and carrying out of memorial services, and the purchase of cemetery monuments and grave markers. In addition, many funeral homes also provide bereavement counselling, aftercare services, and assistance with filing for death benefits and other paperwork.

Burial Services Costs in New York

Burial vs. cremation cost

A. Cost of Traditional Burial

A. The cost of a traditional burial in New York can vary widely depending on the cemetery and the services. Generally, a burial plot, casket, and funeral services can range from $7,000 to $13,000. However, additional costs may include a burial vault, grave marker, and other services.

B. Cost of Cremation

B. The cost of cremation in New York is typically less expensive than a traditional burial. The average cost of cremation is between $1,000 and $3,000. Moreover, the cost may include a cremation container, basic services, and transportation. However, additional costs may include an urn, death certificates, and other services.

Can a complaint be filed against a cemetery?

Yes, you can file a complaint against a cemetery. Complaints against a cemetery may include negligence in burial services, failure to maintain the grounds, and other issues related to the cemetery’s operations. Depending on the circumstances, individuals can file complaints with local or state government agencies, or with the cemetery directly.

Can money be withdrawn from the cemetery’s Maintenance and Preservation Fund?

No, you can not withdraw any money directly from the cemetery’s Maintenance and Preservation Fund. The funds exclusively cover cemetery maintenance and preservation costs. Furthermore, the money remains in the fund until you need it.

However, if you need funds for a specific purpose, the cemetery’s board of directors must submit a written request to the board of directors of the cemetery’s parent organization for approval. They can then issue a check from the parent organization to cover the expenses.

How can I find out in which cemetery someone is buried?

To find out the cemetery of someone’s burial, you may need to contact the local authorities such as the municipal office or the church that oversees the cemetery. You can also search online for databases that list cemetery records.

Many local libraries also have resources that may be able to help you. Additionally, you can search online for genealogical websites or social media groups, as they may have records or other information that could help you.