Burial Services in Florida: Traditional & Non-traditional Types

Floridians can find comfort in knowing that the burial services in Florida are some of the best in the country. There is something for everyone, from traditional services to more modern cremation options.

Moreover, their services offer various price points and packages; there is something to suit every budget and every situation. With a wide variety of services, creating a meaningful and personalized tribute for your loved one is easy.

Types of Burial Services Available in Florida

Burial services are of two main categories, further divided into its sub-types. Traditional Burial Services and Non-traditional Burial Services:

Traditional Burial Services 

Cremation and Burial Services: Traditional burial services in Florida are available to provide a respectful ceremony for the deceased. They offer cremation services and traditional burials, allowing individuals to choose the method of disposition that best suits their family’s needs. Moreover, licensed and certified professionals in Florida usually perform cremations. However, they do it following state and local laws.

Funeral and Memorial Services: Traditional burial services also provide funeral and memorial services. Funeral services are typically held in a church or funeral home and may include an open-casket visitation, eulogies, and other religious or cultural customs. However, memorial services, on the other hand, may be held in any location, such as a park or a private home, and are often less formal.

Cemetery Services: Traditional burial services also provide cemetery services. It includes purchasing and maintaining cemetery plots, arranging memorials, and other services associated with cemeteries. However, they can also assist with arranging funerals and memorial services, as well as selecting burial plots and monuments.

Burial Services in Florida

Non-Traditional Burial Services 

Green Burial Services in Florida use biodegradable containers like cardboard or wicker caskets to reduce environmental impact. These services may also include using natural, non-toxic embalming fluids, using natural, chemical-free grave liners, and using native plants and trees as part of the burial service.

Natural Burial Services involve using biodegradable materials such as willow, bamboo, or other natural materials for the container, using natural, chemical-free grave liners, and the use of native plants and trees as part of the burial service. These services may also involve the burial of the deceased without embalming or using a casket.

Sea Burial Services involve using a weighted, air-sealed container to lower the remains into the ocean. These services may also involve using natural, chemical-free grave liners and using native plants and trees as part of the burial service. Moreover, the burial container may be biodegradable or made of natural materials.

Legal Requirements for Burial Services in Florida 

Death Certificate Requirements: In Florida, the applicants can get the death certificate from the local registrar. Moreover, they have to file it with the proper authorities before burial. The certificate must include information regarding the deceased’s identity, the cause of death, and the name and address of the attending physician.

Permit Requirements: In Florida, individuals have to obtain a burial permit from the local registrar before burial. They need to take the signature on the permit by the next of kin or another legally authorized person responsible for the burial.

Disposal Requirements: In Florida, the state and local laws and regulations are responsible to carry burial or other body disposals. Moreover, the state and local authorities usually approve the burial cemetery.

In addition, the burial must be in an appropriate container. Furthermore, the remains must be buried at least three feet below the surface. Our cost-effective plans include permanent life insurance also. You can give it a quick review to get the insurance details and cost process.