Burial Services in Arkansas – Rules and Regulations 

If you want to say a memorable farewell to your loved ones, burial services in Arkansas are the best choice. Arkansas offers residents various burial services and options to create a meaningful service for their loved ones.

From traditional burials to cremation cost, families in Arkansas can rest assured that their loved ones’ memory will last longer with dignity and respect. We have defined several burial service costs and their benefits.


Burial Services in Arkansas – Costs for Veterans

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs provides financial assistance to veterans and their families for burial costs. The VA would pay up to $2,000 toward burial and funeral expenses if the veteran died due to a service-related disability or up to $796 if the death was not related to service.

Burial services in Arkansas costs include:

  1. A burial plot or interment.
  2. Opening and closing of the grave.
  3. A gravesite marker.
  4. A burial flag.

Additional allowances may cover transportation costs, a burial casket, or a headstone. To receive benefits, you must bury veterans in a VA National Cemetery or a state or tribal veterans cemetery. Eligible survivors of veterans may also be entitled to these benefits.

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Benefits of Green Burial

Green burial is an eco-friendly option for those looking for a more sustainable and responsible way to lay their loved ones to rest. Green burial offers several benefits, including:

Low Impact: Green burial is a low-impact option that minimizes the environmental footprint of the funeral. Using natural materials and nontoxic substances eliminates the need for potentially hazardous embalming fluids, formaldehyde, and other harsh chemicals.

Cost Savings: Green burial has fewer requirements, making it more cost-effective than traditional burials. It also eliminates the need to purchase a casket, which can be costly.

Natural Ecosystem: Green burial helps preserve natural ecosystems and wildlife habitats. Using natural materials and avoiding the need for preservatives, green burial helps to ensure that the earth is not disturbed or damaged.

Return to Nature: Green burial is a way of returning to nature. It allows the deceased to become part of the natural cycle of life, helping to nourish the soil and create a peaceful, natural resting place for the departed.

Remembrance: Green burial provides a unique and meaningful way to honor the deceased while preserving natural resources. It is an opportunity to create a lasting memorial that will remain a part of the environment for years.

Where can bodies be buried in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, you can bury the body in a cemetery or a family plot on private property. However, you must choose registered cemeteries with the Arkansas Department of Health and meet local zoning ordinances. Moreover, Grave sites on private property must be at least two feet below grade and marked with a permanent marker. The property owner is responsible for obtaining any necessary permits.

Are You Required To Buy A Burial Vault In Arkansas?

In Arkansas, purchasing a burial vault is not an absolute requirement; however, many cemeteries may require a burial vault for the interment of a deceased person. A burial vault is a protective container that helps to contain the casket and to protect it from the weight of the earth and other outside elements.

Using a burial vault can help preserve the casket and the deceased person’s body for longer. It is important to check with the cemetery in advance to determine whether they require a burial vault.

How do I get a death certificate in Arkansas?

To obtain a death certificate in the state of Arkansas, you should follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the Arkansas Department of Health website for a copy of the death certificate application form.
  2. Once you complete the application, you must get its signatures, notarize it. Furthermore, you will have to return these to the Arkansas Department of Health, along with the required fees.
  3. If the death occurred within the last five years, you must contact the funeral director or coroner responsible for filing the death certificate. It will help you in obtaining a signed and notarized copy.
  4. If the death occurred more than five years ago, contact the County Clerk in the county where the death occurred. Therefore, you would be able to obtain a signed and notarized copy of the death certificate.
  5. Once you receive the signed and notarized death certificate, you must submit it to the Arkansas Department of Health to obtain an official copy.
  6. To receive the official copy of the death certificate, the person applying for the certificate must provide a copy of their valid government-issued identification. Term or Whole Life Insurance is one of our most cost-effective plan. You can get a quick review to know the details.