Burial Services in Alaska – Traditional and Non-traditional Burial

Burial services in Alaska offer a wide range of services, from cremation to traditional burials. Cremation services are the most popular option in Alaska, as it is a cost-effective and efficient way to honour a loved one.

Traditional burials are also available, and they typically involve a graveside service, with a burial plot and/or a casket. Burial services may also include embalming, a viewing, and/or memorial service. Many funeral homes in Alaska offer a variety of services to accommodate different needs and budgets.

Additionally, some funeral homes offer online options for pre-planning and creating personalized memorials. However, the cost of services in Alaska can vary depending on the type of service and the funeral home.


Traditional Burial Services in Alaska

Traditional burial services include:

In Alaska, Traditional burial services are the responsibility of local funeral homes and cemeteries. These services typically include the preparation of the body, a viewing of the body, the funeral service, and the burial. Funeral directors coordinate the services, including arranging transportation of the body to the cemetery and the selection of a burial site.

traditional burial services

Traditional burial sites

Traditional burial sites in Alaska are predominantly located in cemeteries, although some families may choose to bury their loved ones on their land. Traditionally, Alaskan graves are oriented east-west so that the deceased can look towards the rising sun in the morning. Moreover, cemeteries often feature markers and other symbolic elements of the particular culture, such as totem poles and Inupiat gravesites.

Traditional burial rituals

Traditional burial rituals in Alaska often involve the participation of the family and friends of the deceased. These rituals may include the laying of wreaths and other offerings, traditional songs, and the burning of incense or other items as a show of respect. A gathering at the home of the immediate family to celebrate the life of the deceased usually follows a burial.

Non-Traditional Burial Services in Alaska

In Alaska, Non-traditional burial services are becoming increasingly popular due to the desire to find more sustainable and meaningful ways to honour the deceased. These services are typically more economical than traditional burials and provide a way to express the individuality of the deceased. However, some of the non-traditional burial services available in Alaska include green burials, natural burials, and memorial services.

Green burial options

Green burials are a type of non-traditional burial that uses no embalming, no chemically treated wood or metal, and no concrete or plastic vaults. Instead, natural materials such as biodegradable caskets and shrouds are used. Green burials also have a much lower environmental impact than traditional burials.

Natural burial options

Natural burials are similar to green burials in that they use biodegradable materials and are more sustainable than traditional burials. However, natural burials offer more flexibility in terms of the burial site and the types of materials used.

Moreover, you can conduct natural burials in a variety of settings, including forests, fields, or even your backyard. Natural burials are also more affordable than traditional burials and offer a way to honour the deceased in a more peaceful and meaningful way.

Benefits of burial services in Alaska

Some of the common benefits include:

Environmental benefits

Environmental benefits: Burial services in Alaska offer a range of environmental benefits. By choosing to lay loved ones to rest on natural burial grounds, individuals can reduce the impact of their loved one’s death on the environment.

For example, natural burials reduce the use of embalming fluids and caskets which contain potentially harmful chemicals. Additionally, burial services may use biodegradable materials and carbon-neutral cremation, reducing emissions generated by the funeral and burial process.

Cultural benefits

Cultural benefits: The services in Alaska can provide a range of cultural benefits. By using local burial grounds, individuals can preserve and honour the burial practices of Alaska Native culture. This includes the use of traditional burial practices and the use of natural materials. Additionally, burial services can help families and communities honour their loved ones in a meaningful way and provide an opportunity for healing and closure.

Economic benefits

Economic benefits: The services for burial in Alaska can provide economic benefits for individuals and families. Furthermore, they can help families save money by presenting lower-cost options than traditional burial options.

Additionally, burial services may help stimulate the local economy by generating jobs and opportunities for local businesses that provide burial services. While taking care of your senior loved ones, we have designed our customized plan, No-medical Exam Life Insurance. Just take a glance at it and help your elders in a respectful way with our affordable option.