AT&T Insurance Claim Guide-2023

AT & T Insurance

AT&T Insurance Corporation, formerly known as the American Telephone and Telegraph Firm, is a telecommunications company based in Dallas, Texas. It offers long-distance phone and other telecommunications services. It is a descendent of the American Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, which developed much of the United States’ local and long-distance telephone network links, eventually becoming the world’s largest company and a telecommunications industry standard. In 1996, this business voluntarily split into three smaller companies, keeping the AT&T name.


Buy AT&T Phone Insurance

You’ll have a lot of options if you decide to acquire insurance within 14 days of purchasing your phone. There are three options for phone insurance: the manufacturer, your mobile service provider, and independent insurance firms.

AT&T Insurance for example, makes it simple to get security and pay for it over time on your monthly phone payment. Within thirty days of activating your phone, you must acquire insurance. You can also purchase insurance from your phone’s manufacturer. Your plans can be accompanied by technical help through phone, in-store, or online chat, which is a significant benefit.

Purchasing insurance from a non-affiliated provider gives you more options. You can register at any moment if your phone is in excellent functioning order. You might be able to get a discount if you cover other products with the same ficompany, such as appliances, cars, or your home. Furthermore, it never hurts to inquire.

AT&T Insurance Phone replacement

If your phone breaks down, gets lost, or is damaged while using AT&T wireless service, you can get a replacement handset for free. You may easily mail in your newly purchased phone for a replacement if it is covered by a manufacturer‘s warranty due to technical issues. Otherwise, you can replace your phone if you choose AT&T’s insurance partner Asurion’s mobile insurance. You will obtain a replacement within days if your phone is still under warranty or is covered by insurance.

You can replace the AT&T Insurance during the warranty period. There are some steps by following which you can replace your phone.

See if your phone‘s authorization is covered by checking its warranty terms and conditions.

Only AT&T or an accredited dealer can provide warranty coverage for equipment purchased from them. Any liquid or physical damage on the device must be judged nonconforming if it is present.The warranty duration for a new phone is one year from the date of purchase. The warranty duration for “Certified New” or “Certified Repair” devices is 90 days from the date of purchase.

  • Only Apple Retail Stores or AppleCare can return Apple devices, such as the iPhone and iPad.
  • AT&T’s warranty does not cover pre-owned AT&T phones.
  • Use the manufacturer’s warranty that came with your phone if you bought it anywhere other than AT&T.

Call 800-331-0500 to reach AT&T’s customer service department

Explain to customer support that your phone is broken or malfunctioning and that you need a replacement.To confirm warranty and service, provide your AT&T account information to the customer support carrier, including an email address and phone number. You will receive any additional steps or activities from a customer service representative.

  • You can take your phone to an AT&T shop to file a warranty claim, but they may not be able to repair it right away
  • When contacting customer service, be respectful

Wait for a replacement phone to arrive in 4 to 6 days

When AT&T receives your warranty claim, they will send you a replacement phone that is identical to or similar to the one you now have. If it malfunctions, you will get a 90day warranty when you acquire a refurbished or preowned phone.

  • You can also pay for fast shipping and get your replacement in as little as 1-2 days.

When changing your phone, you may need to use your old phone’s SIM card, memory card, and battery.. If you’re unsure what to do, take your new phone and your old phone to an AT&T shop for assistance.

Return your old phone to AT&T with the included shipping within 10 days

The replacement box will include return postage for the old phone.. Placing your old phone in a box with a prepaid sticker on the front is a good idea.If you do not take the box to the post office or mail it with regular mail within 10 days, the entire amount of the gadget will be charged to you.

  • To ensure that your old phone reaches the warranty center, use the package tracking information supplied on the attached postage label. If not, you must file a claim with the United States Postal Service

If your phone is ruled ineligible for warranty coverage, the charge on your following statement must be paid.

You won’t have to pay anything if your old phone is still under warranty and there is no further damage. If your handset is broken or out of warranty, your next payment will include the cost of a new phone.Pay a little extra on your bill now to prevent any further fees.

If you can’t pay the cost in full right once, you can work with AT&T to spread it out over several invoices.

AT&T Insurance claim

To file an insurance claim, you need to follow these steps.

Within 30 days of purchase or upgrade, sign up for AT&T Wireless Insurance

AT&T provides three different tiers of coverage, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Get coverage for your old phone if it breaks down, gets lost, stolen, or damaged, and receive a replacement phone by enrolling in an insurance plan as soon as you buy or upgrade your phone.

  • Standard cell phone insurance is around $9 per month and only covers replacement phones
  • The AT&T Mobile Protection service, which includes tech-enabled apps and photo storage, costs around $12 per month
  • For $35 per month, AT&T’s Multi-Device Protection Package includes all services for up to three lines
  • If you are currently enrolled in one of the insurance plans, you can have your tier altered at any moment.

On the AT&T and Asurion websites, you can file a claim

To provide coverage and replace phones, AT&T uses the life insurance website Asurion. Log on to the website and, in the middle of the screen, select “Start Claim.” For AT&T login, enter your phone number and password. Fill out the claim form before clicking the “Submit Claim” button.

  • Here is where you can begin your insurance claim:
  • File a claim within 60 days if your phone is lost or damaged and pay the full replacement charge if you fail to do so. Check all information thoroughly before submitting and temporarily turn off service if your phone is stolen. Claim honestly, as legal action could result from making a false claim.

Wait for your replacement phone to arrive in the mail, which could take up to three days

If you file a claim on a business day, your replacement phone should arrive the next day. If you file a claim on the weekend, you may not receive a replacement for another 2-3 days. You can begin using your new phone as soon as you receive it.

  • If your new phone is not working, you will need to take it to an AT&T store to have it activated.

On your wireless statement, pay the deductible for your phone

The type of phone you own determines your deductible amount for a phone repair. The cost of repair depends on the model and condition of your phone. A deductible is a cost you must pay out of pocket before the insurance company or provider covers the rest of the repair or replacement cost.. A deductible for a cheaper flip phone or non-smart device could be as low as $25-75, yet a modern smartphone can cost roughly $225-$299 when replaced. To avoid further costs, pay your deductible in full on your next billing period.

  • With $1,500 in equipment insurance, you can only make two claims per year
  • Pay the deductible in installments over several months.. To learn more about your options, contact AT&T Customer Support


Insurance is definitely beneficial because it gives you a sense of happiness and security. Phones are becoming smarter, but they are also becoming more insurance company will cover you all the way. You can use the AT&T insurance claim service at any time and receive a new phone.